Allama iqbal concept of khudi

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Muhammad Iqbal

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Allama Iqbal’s 141st birthday being observed today

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Muhammad Iqbal

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Vision of Allama Iqbal

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Who dedicated the human race from engineering?. Khudi Ka Sirr e Nihaan, La Ilahaa Illa Allah [خودی کا سرِ نہاں لا الہٰ الا اللہ] is Allama Iqbal’s most loved poem from his compilation, Zarb-e-Kaleem (ضر ب کلیم).

The Philosophies of Allama Iqbal

Acknowledging Iqbal’s contributions, PM Imran said Pakistan can achieve a dignified place among the comity of nations by perceiving the concept of “Shaheen” and philosophy of “Khudi” enunciated in the works of the Poet of the East.

Iqbal’s Concept of Khudi (Ego) The significance of the Self in an individual is that it is the source through which we can bring ourselves closest to the Ultimate.

Let us, therefore, study the nature and immense power that lies in the human self. The scholars of literature admired the Allama Iqbal for his notable work for the Muslims of the sub-continent.

His admirer are from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri. Jun 26,  · First World War History In Urdu/Hindi - World War 1 Documentary in Hindi/Urdu - Pehli Jang e Azeem - Duration: Today With Imranviews.

Sheikh Noor Muhammad / Father Of Allama Iqbal

Many critics have called this Iqbal's finest poetic work In Asrar-e-Khudi, Iqbal has explained his philosophy of "Khudi," or "Self." Iqbal' s use of term "Khudi" is synonymous with the word of "Rooh" as mentioned in the Quran.

Allama iqbal concept of khudi
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