Byzatine architecture

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Byzantine art

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Byzantine Architecture: Its Characteristics and Stunning Examples

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Byzantine architecture

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Byzantine architecture

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Byzantine architecture, Building style of Constantinople (now Istanbul, formerly ancient Byzantium) after ad Byzantine architects were eclectic, at first drawing heavily on Roman temple features.

Byzantine art: Byzantine art, architecture, paintings, and other visual arts produced in the Middle Ages in the Byzantine Empire (centred at Constantinople) and in various areas that came under its influence.

The pictorial and architectural styles that characterized Byzantine art, first codified in the 6th. Byzantine. Architecture developed from the fifth century A.D.

in the Byzantine Empire, characterized especially by massive domes with square bases and rounded arches and spires and much use of. Byzantine architecture has a lot in common with early Christian architecture.

This is not surprising, as most early Christian buildings were built at the command of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine. Hagia Sophia, the most famous and most spectacular example of Byzantine architecture, was built between and to replace an early 5th century church that.

Byzantine architecture is the architecture of the Byzantine empire.

10 Splendid Examples of Byzantine Architecture

The empire emerged gradually after ADwhen Constantine moved the capital of the Roman empire to Byzantium, which was later renamed Constantinople and is now Istanbul.

Byzatine architecture
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