Carrom rules

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Carrom Rules and Regulations That'll Help You Master the Game

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Carrom Rules and Regulations That'll Help You Master the Game

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After three tries without having the lines the player loses their own. Product Features rings and an official Carrom game board rule book and Paper number.

Carrom pieces can only be struck directly if it is not touching the player’s baseline or situated behind the base line. If this is the case, the player must hit the carrom piece by rebounding the carrom striker off any side of the board or any other carrom piece on the board in a forward direction.

Carrom (also spelled carom) is a cue sport-based tabletop game of South Asian origin. The game is very popular in Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and surrounding areas, and is known by various names in different South Asia, many clubs and cafés hold regular tournaments.

Carrom is very commonly played by families, including children, and at social. Carrom is one of the most favored and popular indoor or tabletop games.

It consists of the square board (known as the carrom board), 9 white discs, 9 black discs (collectively known as the carrom men), 1 red disc (known as the queen) and 1 acrylic disc (known as striker).

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Carrom rules
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