Demographic segmentation of airasia

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Tourism Marketing: the Example of AirAsia

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Target Audience For AirAsia Essay

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The AirAsia Story ICAO/CAAC Symposium on Low Cost Carriers 5th November 1. Malaysia AirAsia Thailand AirAsia Indonesia AirAsia AirAsia Philippines Asia is a demographic heavy hitter.

Air Asia Marketing Essay

Secondly, AirAsia is dividing the market by using demographic segmentation. AirAsia is actually targeting for low to middle income group. CEO of AirAsia, Mr Fernandez aware that there are a lot of workers or low pay salaries earner would like to travel back to meet their family especially during special occasions (Onwutalobi, Anthony.C, ).


Demographic Segmentation Attracts travelling passengers in the lower to middle income group. Geographic segmentation The core markets of AirAsia are Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Market Segmentation Market Segmentation Behavioral and psychographic segmentation First-time flyers Fare-conscious leisure and business.

Airasia Is A Demographic Consumer Segmentation DemographicSegmentation The word demographic can be related to the structure of populations or a particular sector of a population.


Most of the marketers nowadays believed that the demographic segmentation bases are the most popular and practical segmentation bases. Dec 30,  · Tourism Marketing: the Example of AirAsia.

Start here. Contact Us; Gallery; Our Educational Tours. Product’s market segmentation. 1) Geographic characteristics Concerning demographic characteristics, AirAsia is not targeting a specific demographic group.

It is mostly based on the social status or the average. AIRASIA BERHAD AIRASIA BERHAD MARKETING PLAN MARKETING PLAN Contents 39roduc9io3 Demographic Segmentation Age a3d Life Cycle - years ·Budge9 Travel ·S9udies - years Documents Similar To AIRASIA PROJECT PRESENTATION.

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Demographic segmentation of airasia
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