Francisco vazquez de coronado

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Francisco Vázquez de Coronado

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This was the Mainprobably a few christian east of tedious-day Dodge City, Europe. Francisco Vázquez de Coronado: Francisco Vazquez de Coronado, Spaniard whose expeditions in the North American Southwest resulted in.

A Francisco Vázquez de Coronado lo recuerdan algunas islas, avenidas, escuelas, hoteles, urbanizaciones, centros comerciales y miles de negocios del suroeste de los Estados Unidos y norte de México, llevando su apellido Coronado.

Spanish Conquistadors The Renaissance & Elizabethan Age of Exploration to the New World was dominated by the Spanish Conquistadors. The success of the Spanish Conquistadors in acquiring monopolies on much of the Eastern spice trade and their expeditions to the New World brought great wealth and power to Spain.

Francisco Pizarro

Lucas Vazquez de Ayllon, a prominent magistrate in Hispaniola, in sent out Captain Francisco Gordillo to sail northward through the Bahamas, strike the shore of the continent, follow part of de Leon’s route, and try to round the “island” of Florida from the the coast he tacked, extending de Leon’s exploration at least 3° northward, and landing on the shores of present.

The expedition team of Francisco Vázquez de Coronado is credited with discovery of the Grand Canyon and several other famous landmarks in the American Southwest while searching for the legendary. Francisco Pizarro: Francisco Pizarro, Spanish conqueror of the Inca empire and founder of the city of Lima.

Pizarro was the illegitimate son of Captain Gonzalo Pizarro and Francisca González, a young girl of humble birth. He spent much of his early life in the home of .

Francisco vazquez de coronado
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Francisco Vázquez de Coronado