Jerzy kosinskis reputation sank well after his suicide

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Jerzy Kosinski and THE PAINTED BIRD

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Jerzy Kosiński

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Jerzy Kosinski and THE PAINTED BIRD

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Since his suicide inthe literary reputation of Jerzy Kosinski has continued to sink. At one time he was one of the most promising writers on the American scene, pounding out three hits in a row--the cult classic "The Painted Bird", "Steps" (winner of the National Book Award), and "Being There" (filmed in with Peter Sellers in the starring role).

Jerzy Kosinski’s Traumas, Real and Invented InJerzy Kosinski, and many attributed his suicide to the decline of his reputation and career. Jerzy Kosinski Since his suicide inthe literary reputation of Jerzy Kosinski has continued to sink.

At one time he was one of the most promising writers on the American scene, pounding out three hits in a row-the cult classic The Painted Bird, Steps (winner of the National Book.

And after arriving as a penniless foreigner to go to graduate school at Columbia, Kosinski really did live out the American dream, marrying a millionaire socialite (from whom he was subsequently divorced, and who later committed suicide), earning national awards and huge sums of money for his books and a screenplay, on the way achieving that.

Jerzy Kosinski and THE PAINTED BIRD. Commentary. the novel that both made Kosinski’s reputation and destroyed it. THE PAINTED BIRD is a profoundly disturbing journey through a living Hell, or at least the closest thing to it: Eastern Europe under Nazi rule.

the methodology of Kosinski’s suicide won’t seem entirely surprising. Kosinski liked to claim THE PAINTED BIRD was a work of “Autofiction,” even going so far as to report events from it–the manure pit trauma among them–as fact in a lengthy self-penned author bio that appeared in paperback editions of his novels.

The Death of Jerzy Kosinski Jerzy kosinskis reputation sank well after his suicide
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