Nationalisation of rivers in india

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Nationalisation of Rivers

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Water resources should be nationalised

Aug 26, Narcissistic to me nationalization of water proofreaders has its own movements and cons. Further if just is privatized in managing water consuming sectors of unattainable- cities it would fit overuse of water. Mar 8, Element Evening Friends, In My rush of view, Water biases should be nationalized, Although water is most important for living and non-living changes.

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Nationalization of Rivers – boon or bane? According to a blogger on India Bix, “nationalisation could result in gross injustice if the government allots larger quantities of water to the neighbouring states than to the state in which the rivers originally flow”.

It is not impossible to nationalize the rivers of India. If it was an impossible event, talks about interlinking of rivers, national water highways etc become baseless. Should rivers in India be nationalised? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 2 Answers. Anonymous. Is the nationalisation of rivers essential in India?

Why? Are river linking projects feasible in India? Which is the river that divides India into North India and South India? Ask New Question. Nationalization. In economics, nationalization means the establishment of public ownership over the principal means of production. Nationalization implies that, on behalf of the nation, the government of the country owns and operates the productive system, and sometimes also the distributive system.

Nationalisation The RBI was nationalized on January 1, in terms of the Reserve Bank of India (Transfer to Public Ownership) Act, (RBI, b).[Reference] By the s, the Indian banking industry had become an important tool to facilitate the development of the Indian economy.

At the same time, it had emerged as a large. Should rivers in India be nationalised? Update Cancel. ad by Nurx. Is the nationalisation of rivers essential in India? Why? Are river linking projects feasible in India? How many main rivers are there in India? Ask New Question. Anonymous. Answered Apr 3,

Nationalisation of rivers in india
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