Ovarian cysts during pregnancy

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Ovarian cysts in pregnancy (query bank)

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Ovarian Cysts

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The best time for surgery is the second trimester of pregnancy. In order to determine whether the ovarian cysts during pregnancy are benign or cancerous it is best to use the ultrasound.

Nonetheless not even this piece of equipment is % accurate. If the test shows that the cyst is only filled with fluid and there are no thick walls or septation, most probably it is benign.

Benign cystic teratoma is the most common ovarian tumor found in pregnancy, composing 24% to 40% of all ovarian tumors.1, 2 Ultrasonography can detect ovarian dermoid cysts with an accuracy rate of % to %.3, 4 In our recent prospective study it was shown that women in their reproductive years with an ovarian dermoid cyst.

Most women will have an ovarian cyst sometime during their life. In fact, it’s possible you’ll get a cyst on a monthly basis, but never have any symptoms. Ovarian cysts are usually harmless and occur most often in menstruating women.

This is my third pregnancy and when I tell you that I would rather go through 10 Labors then one twisted ovarian cyst I am not kidding. The pain was unbarable and you are talking to a women who had two children NATURAL no drugs at all. The pregnancy didn't cause any problems with the cyst.

I now have a smaller dermoid on my remaining ovary.I did have a pregnancy last year, and drs told me to leave the cyst, as they are slow growing and shouldn't affect anything.

Ovarian cysts during pregnancy
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