Paimio chair

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Paimio Sanatorium

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Paimio chair definition, a chair developed by Alvar Aalto between andhaving two continuous, ribbonlike elements made of bent laminated birch veneers forming the arms and legs and supporting a sheet of bent plywood that forms the back and seat. See more. The Paimio Chair, the best-known piece of furniture designed by Aalto, is named for the town in southwestern Finland for which Aalto designed a tuberculosis sanatorium and all its furnishings.

Used in the patients' lounge, the angle of the back of this armchair was intended to help sitters breathe more easily. From Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, Alvar Aalto, "Paimio" chair (), Bent birch plywood, solid birch.


Alvar Aalto

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Home. Artworks Auctions Galleries Fairs Magazine More. Artworks Auctions Galleries Fairs Magazine Artists Shows Museums. Paimio chair This armchair is named after the Paimio tuberculosis sanatorium in Southwest Finland. The chair was designed by Alvar Aalto at the same time as the sanatorium and it was chosen for seating in various.

The Paimio Chair, the best-known piece of furniture designed by Aalto, is named for the town in southwestern Finland for which Aalto designed a tuberculosis sanatorium and all its furnishings.

Used in the patients' lounge, the angle of the back of this armchair was .

Paimio chair
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